Out with the old....

...In with the New.

After 18 years of service it is time to retire the grey rolling chair, or The Compass Chair, as it's known in the family. I got that chair when, after 7.5 years, I left a previous employer, Compass Equipment Inc.

That chair had been with me the entire time I worked there. My office might have changed several times, and I was given a different desk, but that chair went with me. Before I left they said they were going to chunk it into the dumpster. Well, I couldn't let that happen! So home it went with me where it continued to be my office chair. It's not going anywhere except out of my Studio, it's going to continue it's life as Andrew's desk chair.

At the time I started working there I had been pretty much a stay-at-home mom, with a couple of part-time jobs in-between. But when Jess was almost 3 years old I had to go back full time, I hated the idea of putting my child in day care for someone else to raise, but it was necessary. What we didn't know when I got the job was that Jessica was going to meet her child-hood best friend, Julie. They've been friends ever since, almost like sisters.

The new chair is 4" slimmer, which doesn't sound like a lot, except when we have 10 of us around the stampin' table it is. And it goes with the decor I'm trying to achieve better.

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  1. Paint the chair or sand it down to fit more in with a young man's desk.

  2. Oh, he's getting the old grey/blue one with arms. I got the white wood one for me.


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