How To...From Pinterest

What is it about Pinterest that makes us want to do something we normally would have said, "I don't have time for that"? Is it a type of self inflicted feeling of shame that if everyone else is doing it, 'why aren't I?' or do we think everyone else has done it because the technique had been re-pinned 1,000's of times; but no one really has except the two bloggers that the original pins came from.

Several years ago, before Pinterest was even a glimmer in its creaters' minds, my SIL sent me an idea she either saw in a magazine or on someone's blog about how to fold plastic bags so they would fit in a tissue box. My response was, "I don't have time for that!"

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But today, the first day of a 3-day weekend, I see this idea on Pinterest and think, "that's cool!" and decide that while my husband and son are gone for a driving lesson I will fold all my plastic bags into little football shapes, because what else am I going to do, we aren't going anywhere or doing anything special this weekend.

And, because this is what it looks like under my sink where we stuff our plastic bags and it could use some organization.

And not only that but then I can have neatly folded grocery sacks for my truck. Because in the 20+ years I've been driving I've needed a grocery sack maybe 10 times, and I just don't know when I will need it for the 11th time and I don't want to be the worst Girl Scout and be unprepared. 

Seriously, what is wrong with me?!? 

So, here you go...How to Fold Your Grocery Sacks into Little Footballs...

First, flatten your sack

Second, fold the sack in half

And then half again

Third, starting at the bottom of the sack,
make the first diagonal fold 

Followed by more diagonal folds, like folding a flag. 

When you get close to the end, you want to be sure there is a pocket to fold the handle into. 

To fold the handle to fit, you fold it into a diagonal shape and then stuff into the "pocket". 

There you go! You have you're own plastic grocery bag football! Now do that a few more hundred times and you have turned this
Into this

Just so you don't think I'm an over-achiever, I didn't do them all, but I have satisfied my creative curiosity and will probably never do this project again. Never say never, right?

I hoped you enjoyed this little diversion from stamping. What is the one thing you have done from Pinterest that you swore you would never do? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!


  1. Very fun post Marion. Now you have me wondering if you can play football with the little dudes just like you can with the paper version. Might be a way to get the guys involved and have them finish your leftover bags just waiting to be as cool as the others. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to see how many of those bags I have sitting around and consider folding while watching a movie. See...the madness is catching. LOL

  2. Thank you Jean. I hadn't even thought about those footballs from HS. That's a great idea!


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