My Digital Studio Update Available

Update: I am sorry to say that Stampin' Up! no longer carries My Digital Studio software or the Downloads. If you already own My Digital Studio or the Downloads you can continue to use them, however there is no longer technical support available. If your software stops working for some reason, there are programs on the market that will continue to use your downloads.

It is a red-letter day! Stampin' Up! has update My Digital Studio so we can now customize our tool bar!

You have no idea how much I've missed it, unless you have missed it too. Skip, Skip, skip to my lou to get your My Digital Studio updated today.

The easiest way to get the update is to open My Digital Studio. When the project selector window comes up just pick any project. You're not actually going to work in it, you just need to get past this window. Then go to the Help Menu, go down to Check for Updates.

A window will pop up telling you there is one available. Follow the prompts until you are updated (sorry I don't have a picture because I've already updated, so my example wouldn't be very helpful). At the end of the update there is the option to Run MDS, go ahead and put a check mark in the box, if it's not already there.

There are two ways to customize your tool bar. First, you can go to the Tool Bar and right click, then select Customize Tool Bar. You will also have the option to Hide Toolbar, but why would you do that? Just askin'. 

The other way is to go to the View menu at the top and then down to Customize Toolbar.

When you select to Customize Toolbar, a window will appear to allow you to choose which items you would like to put on your toolbar. What did I put on mine? Almost everything! This is what mine looks like. The first time you open yours, it won't have as many items with a check mark next to them.

One thing to remember before you do this update; if you waited to update because you didn't want to loose your multi-media funtionality, you will need to wait a little longer. This update only fixes the toolbar.

Thanks for stopping by!

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