Words are Powerful...

Here's a little short story...

She pulled out her day planner dreading what she'd see. Important meetings and events and places she would have to be; on time, and ready to do the tasks required at that time and place.

As she reviewed everything and every place she would have to be & the people that would be depending on her, her heart started to beat faster and her palms started to get clammy. As a wave of heat and sweat started to wash over her body she wondered if it was the stress she was feeling or a hot flash.

As she proceeded to turn down the air conditioning; her boys would understated. They actually preferred to have the house cold but because she was perpetually cold they suffered in silence and secretly celebrates when she had a hot flash; she remembered her word she had chosen to focus on. It was a new concept she had just learned about and figured she'd give it a try. "I mean, what do I have to loose," she thought, "if it doesn't work, it doesn't work." It would be no worse than all the New Year's resolutions she'd made and never kept.

She turned to the page she had decorated with her word & how she wanted to use it to change the way she thought about the overwhelm she sometimes felt. She had used rubber stamps to stamp her favorite images & used markers to add color. She even pulled out her favorite washi tape, the one with the copper dots & stripes. What was she saving it for anyway?

There, at the top of the page was her word EMBRACE and under it she wrote
...change with love
...the chaos with peace
...the fullness of my calendar with peace & a sense of adventure

As she read those words she remembered all the times her calendar had been full and how, every time, she had managed to pull off what seemed like the impossible.

She turned back to the upcoming week in her day planner with a new sense of resolve, a new peace and as she ready where she needed to be, she repeated her word "Embrace" and she was ready, once again, to face the week, month and year ahead of her.

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