You are Creative

I hear it all the time....I'm not creative. Oh, but you are. In ways you didn't even think of as creativity.

Here are just a few of the ways that you might be creative and didn't realize it...

Cooking - let's be honest, there are some fantastic dishes that were created that wouldn't have been if someone hadn't been creative enough to put different ingredients together.

Baking - whether it's muffins, cookies, biscotti or decorating a cake. It's a form of creativity to make  and present it.

Sewing - Oh my this is an endless rabbit hole of ideas. Quilts, Clothes, accessories, oh my! I'm constantly being amazed at the creative talent of those that enjoy sewing.

Writers -  They amaze me. The way they can think of a theme and run with it in a way that paints a picture while I read the words on the page. Sometimes I wish I could have 1% of their talent.

Jewelry Designers, clothing designers, painters, paper crafters, scrapbookers

And how about these that most don't even think about, but to some degree have to be creative in their field:

Surgeons - recently someone I know had to have surgery and a large part of their organ had to be removed because of cancer, and just when I thought that there wouldn't be a way for that person to survive, they told of how the surgeons connected different organs or used different pieces of the body to make up for the missing organ. Or how about the pig's heart being used in a human. Who thinks to do that? A creative person, that's who.

Engineers - they have to think of creative ways to make the structure they're designing work. And then along those lines, Architects!

And this is just the short the next time you think you're not creative, remember, you are, you just might not be creative in paper.

And maybe you are creative with paper, inks and stamps, but you haven't been given the opportunity to learn. Join me in one of my classes and I'll help you discover your creativity with Paper, Ink & Stamps.

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