Hey July, Don't Be Afraid

Hey July, Don't be Afraid to try something new....

These are the projects we made during July's Ladies Classes. The card on the right is so simple yet so wonderful! I love the colors are so sweet and subtle. We even created a matching envelope by putting the Crisp Cantalope stripped Washi Tape at the bottom of the envelope.

The Pinwheel is from June's Paper Pumpkin Kit. The directions say to attach the completed pinwheel to the paper straw but we poked a hole in the straw and fed the brad prongs through, so it can turn. Thank you Robin for that tip!

The card on the left is using the Wetlands and Work of Art stamp sets. I didn't used to like Wetlands but since I have seen so many wonderful beach scene cards made with that set I had to have it. Don't you just love how the Work of Art set can make the project look like it was watercolored? I have problems doing random stamping, and I know a few of you do too, so that is why I love this set. I have the control I want, yes I do have control issues, but makes it look like I was free with my "brush strokes".

If you would like a list of the items we used to make these cards please contact me, I would be happy to send them to you.

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