Stampin' Up!'s Home Office

It's such a treat to go visit Stampin' Up!'s home office. I've been there four times and I love it each time.
This is my friend Deanna. We've been friends since the 7th grade. This is the view from the "second" floor. you can see the real trees down below.
Even with as many people there I managed to get some good pictures of their water feature. When you come through the front doors you are on the "second" floor. In the middle is this large water feature that you would never expect to find.

 I think this may be my favorite picture of me on this trip. I don't know I just look happy and relaxed, don't you agree? This is before we got our brand new white convention backpacks.
It's an amazing treat to go to the Home Office. Next time I might see if we can go to the manufacturing facility in Kanab. Want to come with me? You can by becoming a demonstrator and coming to convention with me next year. It's a lot of fun, and I'm sure next year won't nearly be as crowded as it was this year.
Even though there were a lot of people I still had a good time. Sometimes it's all about attitude. If you know what to expect and go with the expectation of going with the flow, it will all work out. We made new friends while we were there, friends that we not of meet any other time, but because we were in line and socializing with strangers, those strangers became fast friends.
Here is Kim & Rhonda from Canada. They are the only demonstrators we saw more than once. We met them standing in line to go tour the Home Office, then we saw them when we were waiting to get into General Session and then we sat behind them during the Closing General Session. They joked that we were stalking them. Nope, it just worked out that way.
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