So Much Fun!

One day while I was tidying up I found this wonderful note left by someone who had come to either a Ladies Class or Hostess Class. I honestly don't know when it was because I just saw it one day.

It makes me smile when I see it because it confirms that everyone really is having fun. Never mind that it is evident by the number of ladies that keep coming back and they tell me every time they leave, how much fun they have, it's just nice to see it in print, know what I mean? Just like receiving a card from someone thanking you for something you did. They verbally said it, but it just brings it home when they say it in writing.

I love the ladies who come. That are all so wonderful.  Have you been on the fence about coming to a class? Well, here's your confirmation that we "have so much fun!" I would live to see you at a class. 

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