...Excitement at #OnStage

I'm writing this while I sit in my hotel room at Salt Lake City, UT. I am attending Stampin' Up!'s annual event, OnStage Live. They will be showcasing new products and giving us the new 2016-2017 Annual Catalog, and fresh new ideas. 

I won't be able to post any photos of the new product or the catalog, but I will post other fun things. I'm looking forward to getting refreshed and bringing back great ideas for you!

When I left Texas it was pretty stormy, but it didn't take long for the plane to find the sunshine above the clouds
It's always so much fun to to fly above the clouds. From the ground they look like one big blob, but really they are layers and layers of cloud cover

When I arrived in SLC, I wasted no time getting on the shuttle ot the Home Office in Riverton.
It was so different this with only 1,300 demos signed up. Usually there are about 5,000. The last time I was here with Brandie for the 25th anniversary celebration, there were so many demos at the home office that it was hard to get around. This time it was so peaceful and serene.

Oh, look, they have a kitchen filled with food to purchase. Since I didn't stop for lunch I thought I would purchase a snack. Aren't I being healthy? A banana & a bottle of water. hehehe

I found a nice quiet place to sit and listen to the waterfall. You read that right, there are waterfalls in the center of the building. With an area to eat lunch like this I don't think I would ever eat at my desk again. The Home Office is so beautiful, words escape me to even begin to describe it.

A trip to SLC is not complete without a meal at PF Chang's. I do miss my dinner budy, there's just too much food for one person when I order the same dishes as when I have one. I just can't resist the Lettuce Wraps and Mongolian Beef. Oh well, i have a fridge in my froom for leftovers and a microwave to heat them up with.

I always get the best fortunes at this PF Chang's. This is my hope that this change in sccenery in SLC will lead to my great transformation. And I'm sure to find it here!

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the swaps I brought with me and with any luck a few I received from others.

Thanks for stopping by!

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