...an exciting April

You  would think that with it being April 1st I would post some kind of April Fool's joke, but no, that's not my style. I will admit I have considered the M&M's and Skittles in the same bowl trick, but since I work mostly out of my Studio, I would be the brunt of that joke and since I was also the one who perpretrated it, it wouldn't be very successful. hahahaha

April is going to be an exciiting month for me. I have 2 trips planned, 2 classess, in addation to the 4 ALLP classes I'll be teaching, a 5k run and a Stamper's Retreat that I am hosting.

I look at my calendar and get nervous, but then I remember that words are powerful and rather than say it's going to be a horrible month, I keep reminding myself that it will be a wonderfully exciting month!

Want see what I did recently?

A very wonderful lady, Emma-Jean, wanted these verses on her half-bathroom wall. She was talking to another wonderful lady, Sharon, about it, who showed her what I did at the Hall (remember the very large vinyl project I showed you a couple of months ago?) and she was sold! Once it was up she was so thrilled! I love it when someone loves what I do. Sometimes the creative process can be painful, in trying to be unique and not duplicate what has already been done. And there is the hope that the receipiant will love it as much as you do.

What kind of crafty thing are you up to today?

Since I'm posting this from my iPad, I don't have the same flexibility as I do when I do it from my laptop, so the pictures may be very large.

This may be someone else's phrase but.....Stay Crafty, My Friend

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