Duckie & the Grackle - Happy Valentine's Day

Last Saturday I held a card making event at Duckie and the Grackle Gallery. They asked if I could design and run a Customer Appreciation event where anyone who came could make a special Valentine Card for their sweetie.

What is Duckie and the Grackle Gallery. Well, Cheri McBride (Duckie) is an artist, she paints the most beautiful birds. Her husband, Glenn McBride (the Grackle) is an artist also. He writes poetry and composes songs. Together they run their own Gallery over by The Grape Taste in Lake Jackson. If you ever get the chance, you really do need to go by and say hi. They love having visitors and will sit and chat it up with you if you want to sit and stay a spell.

This is the card everyone got to make.

The bird is a seagull, named Dominique. She is one of their personality birds, who doesn't mind getting dressed up for the holidays.

We had crafters and non-crafters alike and even a few husbands come and make their own cards. I really enjoy watching people who aren't sure about their creativity really get inspired and encouraged because they had made something they never thought they could do. That's what I enjoy the most about what I do, helping others tap into their creative side, the side that is either hidden or they just never knew they had.

Just remember, you are creative, you just might need help discovering it!

Come back tomorrow when I show you the swaps I made for the Stampin' Up! Regional event in Dallas.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Loved making this card - wish I had made more. Got to get back by that shop when I have some money to spend -n Love the bird characters!

  2. I'm so glad you came and enjoyed it!


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