Your creativity may not be mine...

...and that's okay. 

My husband loves to cook. When he comes home he loves to dive right in and create a wonderful dinner. For him, cooking is relaxing. It is just what he needs after a long day of work 

Me? It makes me tired to even think about cooking after a long day. I have Waitr on speed dial, they know what I like and bring it right to me.

Being creative doesn't have to be the traditional things we think of; quilting, painting, drawing, paper crafting, or anything you can find at a local craft store or online. 

All it is, really, is the taking of a raw product, in my husband's case-raw chicken, and turning it into something different, a delicious meal. 

Does being creative mean you have to know, without guidance from anyone else, how to get to the end result? Of course not. Hence, recipe books. It just means that you enjoy the process and the outcome.

And did you know there are so many health and mental benefits to being
creative? That will be another day.

If you're not sure what you are passionate about when it comes to creativity, it's okay. It's probably something you don't even realize is a creative process. I wrote a blog post about being creative here, maybe it will give you an idea.

Your creativity may not be the same as mine, but that's okay. Go do something creative, even if it is following a recipe or a tutorial, your soul will thank you.

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